Our Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts receivable services include several services that can build a streamlined process for your incoming cash flow. It keeps track of receivables and monitors the irregularities that allow the businesses to find new paths towards their aim and remove the hurdles evenly.

    Maintaining a record of the bills
    Routine follow-ups with debtors for pending invoices
    Regular billing and delivery to customers
    Adjusting the payments with invoices
    In-depth analysis of accounts receivable reports
    Creating invoices

Perks Of Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services

At MAVENTRUS, we help our clients and businesses streamline their accounts payable, receivable and financial processes outsourcing services. Accounts receivable services play a vital role in managing the incoming cash and value to the business. Moreover, accounts receivable outsourcing services lead the path for all sizes of businesses with excellency. A late payment can reduce the value of the company's current assets.

Enhance Efficiency

Invest your time, effort, and capital in developing new business strategies instead of operating on receivables.


We provide a team of expert account service associates which is much more reasonable than hiring a full-time financial team.

Client Relationships

Accounts receivable service providers act on your behalf in front of your customers/clients and build beneficial relationships.

Frequent Asked Questions

Accounts receivable refer to the money a company's customers owe for goods or services they have received but have yet to pay for them. In simple words, it is the amount the company will receive in exchange for their services and products from their customers or clients to whom they have delivered them respectively. Accounts receivable services include managing this data and information and keeping track of the cash flow into the business. It begins with generating accurate and precise invoices and ends with receiving the payment from the clients/customers without harming the relations. MAVENTRUS has a dedicated team to handle various segments of accounts receivable services for any size business.

Outsourcing simplifies the tasks for large and small businesses by adding an extra external team of experts to their in-house team. It provides timely and expert delivery of the service and completes the projects or services without adding extra hassle. By outsourcing accounts receivable services, you can outsource your accounts receivable services to MAVENTRUS and can easily enjoy the benefits of smooth accounts receivable services and outsourcing. It will get you a team of experts in the domain and time to focus on other aspects of your business to target higher growth.

    Some benefits are,:

  • Optimize working capital management
  • Improve collections on invoices
  • Improve client relationships.
  • -> Establishes the credit conditions
  • The basis of any relationship is trust, and when it comes to businesses and their relationships with their customers, authenticity and facts play an important role. Accounts associate services first establish the conditions on which any certain deal is happening for future reference. In accounts receivable, the credit conditions are also shared about the deal for the customers with a date of payment and amount.

  • -> Send the invoice
  • The accounts service associates send the proper invoices to the customers and mention the certain amount and date of payment on the same, along with other payment and service-related details.

  • -> Tracks the invoice
  • The team tracks the invoice and updates the customers about the due date through several communication modes to ensure timely business payments.

  • -> Receives payment
  • The final stage of accounts receivable service is receiving the payment from the customers into the business’s bank account and further keeping track of the same by managing the data.

Invoice processing involves the management of all the invoices that are received and sent by businesses. In accounts receivable services, it sends invoices to the customer and clients who owe businesses or have purchased any service or product from them and includes invoice tracking.

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